My second full board game design. A few steps away from the character heavy MoonQuake Escape. Every project has their challanges and this was no different. An abstract game with a not so abstract feel. 

Bumuntu is a lightweight strategy game based on the culture and folklore of the Bakongo tribes. Descendants of the Kingdom of Kongo, the Bakongo people are the largest group of tribespeople in central Africa. 

A common theme in African folklore is that animals are wise creatures who teach humans to do good and moral things. As a tribal leader, you will follow the guidance of the animals, journeying through the jungle in hopes of winning their favor. At the end of the game, the leader who has accumulated the most favor wins!

The game was created by Tim Blank and is set to be published by Wizkids before the end of the year. 

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My first board game design and true collaboration with the game's creator Jeff Johnston. MQE was a great challenge from a production stand point and a true balance of form over function. But then again most games are. That's why I love working on them so much.  

In MoonQuake Escape, get ready to face the challenges of the spinning, changing 3D surface of the doomed prison planet of Zartaclaton. A massive MoonQuake grants you sudden freedom from your captivity, but there's only one way to Escape—the last rescue rocket, and you need to reach it before the other players. Use the rotating and revolving 3D moon to gather charges and decide which actions will best meet your goal: finding and stopping others players, readying or stealing key equipment, or finding better ways to hide. Along the treacherous journey, watch out for shifting and dangerous terrain, out of control defenses, and a relentless prison guard that are out to end your sentence—for life!

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