Sofari Guide

For a few years now I wanted to create a brand for the sole purpose of licensing. However, every attempt seemed forced. After seeing a demo of a prototyped board game being played, I was inspired by the African theme. The lack of finished art encouraged me to illustrate 8 animals in a rock painting like style. These designs lead me to create the art for that board game, Bumuntu. Rather than let the original animals sit and collect digital dust I turned them into enamel pins. With the help of my sister Jacqueline, to write the descriptions, my first licensable brand was born. Below are the first pins in a product line of many. To purchase, click here.

  • Crocodile

    Let the crocodile remind you to live life with ferocity, strength and wisdom. You are stronger than you think and when life throws a wrench in your plans, remind yourself that you have the power to change and succeed beyond your wildest beliefs.
  • Elephant

    As life throws you off balance, seek peace in the elephant. Always have compassion when listening to others, but remain strong in your own convictions and harmony will surely be yours.
  • Giraffe

    When life feels chaotic, call on the giraffe to remind you to hold your head high and avoid getting caught up in needless conflicts. Remember to remain mindful and present, for today is all you have, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • Zebra

    When you feel as though your life path is defined by others, channel the zebra to rediscover your individualism and go after what you want. Always live boldly and with ultimate freedom.