When life gets hard and your path becomes unclear, 
call on your Sofari to guide you through life's journey.

This collection of spirit animals defines my journey, and reminds me that there are still hurdles to overcome, joys to be had, and opportunities to seek. I hope that Sofari Guide does the same for you and empowers you to boldly follow your own path. 

Meet Your Guides


Calm. Mindful. Centered.
When life feels chaotic, call on the giraffe to remind you to hold your head high and avoid getting caught up in needless conflicts. Remember to remain mindful and present, for today is all you have, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Balance. Peace. Compassion.
As life throws you off balance, seek peace in the elephant. Always have compassion when listening to others, but remain strong in your own convictions and harmony will surely be yours.

Lady Bug

Protection. Open-Minded. Luck.
In times of uncertainty and despair, look to the ladybug for protection. Its spirit reminds us to remain open-minded to any unplanned changes that may come our way. Look at these changes as opportunities for success instead of inconveniences. And remember, luck is not given, but earned with hard work and determination.


Nobility. Guidance. Renewal.
The peacock serves as a reminder that we can always overcome the darkest of moments, and resurrect stronger than before. Do not be afraid to flaunt your skills and greatest assets, as the peacock encourages you to remember how amazing you truly are.


Grounded. Emotional Strength. Peace.
Slow and steady, the turtle reminds us to be patient and thoughtful in our journey through life. Don’t let the aggravations of your surroundings steal your peace. Pace yourself, and take time to live in the moment.


Courage. Strength. Determination.
Daily stresses, unthinkable circumstances, relentless challenges. Look to the lion to help channel your anger and fear into courage and strength. No problem is too big when you believe in yourself.


Ambition. Pride. Resourcefulness.
Are your current goals feeling out of reach and next to impossible? Lean on the snake to unlock your true potential and unleash your ambition. There is always a way to get what you want, it just takes some clever thinking and a desire to problem solve.


The Astromech: Loyal. Courageous. Stubborn.
They might be droids, but their sense of loyalty and courage is anything but. An Astromech encourages you to be there for family and friends in time of need. They spend their life in service of others so It’s okay to say no especially in situations where what people ask of you goes against your beliefs. After all you are their only hope.


Introverted. Antagonistic. Fortitude.
Secret powers often come in small, or quiet packages. The Kaiju is a powerhouse of abilities that wait until the right moment to reveal themselves in all their impressive glory. Walk in the knowledge that even if others don’t see you for what you are, that doesn’t make you less—only very good at being stealthy.


Loyal. Guidance. Love.
Like a loyal dog, be a faithful companion by the side of those who have proven worthy, and love unconditionally. Seek guidance when you feel you have strayed the course, and let your boundless enthusiasm propel you as you chase your dreams.


Independent. Curious. Graceful.
With naps, mischief and sudden pounces, the cat guides us to trust our instincts, embrace solitude, and explore life’s mysteries with playful determination. So bat away setbacks and land on your feet like a pro. Life is too short not to chase that elusive red dot of happiness.


Passionate. Individualistic. Free.
When you feel as though your life path is defined by others, channel the zebra to rediscover your individualism and go after what you want. Always live boldly and with ultimate freedom.


Powerful. Life. Security.
Let the crocodile remind you to live life with ferocity, strength and wisdom. You are stronger than you think and when life throws a wrench in your plans, remind yourself that you have the power to change and succeed beyond your wildest beliefs.


Beauty. Grace. Forgiveness.
At times of self-doubt and uncertainty, seek the power of the swan. Remind yourself of your inner beauty and realign your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to retreat and recharge.


Calmness. Motherhood. Family.
When your days are long, your nights feel chaotic and you constantly feel as though you haven’t done enough, remain calm. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of all of the beautiful people you have in your life. Surround yourself with love and lightness will follow.


Playful. Abundance. Light.
The squirrel reminds us to not take life so seriously. Enjoy the beauty and fun of your surroundings. Remember to spend as much time working as you do playing, and enjoy the simple things in life.


Playfulness. Connection. Inner strength.
It’s easy to become overwhelmed by societal pressures, topical news and the everyday mishaps. The dolphin reminds us that life is not meant to be taken so seriously. Seek joy and playfulness. Give yourself time each day to laugh and connect with others. This is necessary to maintain your inner strength.


Kindness. Diligence. Patience.
When you are lacking confidence and feel as though every turn you take is a closed door, refrain from resorting to frustration and anger. Instead, look to the badger to remind you that kindness always wins in the end. Remain diligent and patient in pursuit of your wildest dreams and know that the power that’s born out of believing in yourself is the purest form of magic.


Focus. Wisdom. Creativity.
Feeling off kilter, stumped or lacking excitement? Turn to the eagle to help you redefine your focus, hone in on your innate wisdom and explore the creative possibilities that are buried within. Remember, the best ideas are often outside of the box.


Gentle. Charity. Survival.
A Mogwai knows that having a charitable heart and gentle spirit can defeat even the darkest of times. Trust your instincts and stop doing things like everyone else. Find what works for you and stick to it. Do not lose your cool and you will be the bright light, not just hiding from it.


Adaptable. Cunning. Efficient.
The Xenomorph represents your ability to overcome obstacles to achieve success on your chosen path—even if the way takes unexpected turns. Watch for hidden pitfalls and flamethrowers taking out your clutch of eggs—er—plans—for if they do, it’s game over, man.

Black Dragon

Sly. Resilience. Resourceful.
The path to your desires rarely follows a straight course; it twists and turns, much like the black dragon’s approach. Stay stealthy to avoid interference and draw upon ancient wisdom for guidance. Keep the past close and embrace the cunning nature to overcome obstacles.

Red Dragon

Leadership. Insight. Mastery.
As you journey, you'll gather your own trove of success, each gem a testament to conquered trials and claimed victories. Like the Red Dragon, let your achievements light the path ahead, shining with the fiery brilliance of your ambition and determination.

Green Dragon

Strong. Impressive. Charisma.
Forge genuine connections with others through effective communication, active listening, and empathy. Just as the green dragon's powerful wings stir admiration, remember that true strength resides not only in physical prowess but also in the magnetic force of character and the indomitable will to succeed.

Blue Dragon

Methodical. Proud. Patience.
When confronted with formidable challenges, seek the counsel of the blue dragon and tackle them head-on; instead of avoiding them, strategize, plan, and execute with precision. Success isn't solely determined by speed or strength, but by strategic acumen.

white Dragon

Observant. Calm. Conscientiousness.
Success is not measured by the treasures amassed, but by the challenges conquered along the way. Channel the serene strength of the White Dragon to sharpen your focus, icy and sharp. Remember, true wisdom springs not just from watching, but from the careful consideration of every decision.

copper Dragon

Caution. Wit. Creativity.
Embrace the mindset of Copper Dragons, finding amusement in the mundane. View new challenges and growth opportunities as quests to unlock your full potential. Exercise caution when exploring new methods to solve problems, but remember not to take things too seriously.

silver dragon

Respect. Social. Powerful.
The Silver Dragon spirit shines brightly, symbolizing celebration amidst darkness. Be confident and communal, surrounding yourself with friends to share wisdom and joy. Offer hope and encouragement to those around you, knowing that your positivity and optimism can inspire others to find their own light.

gold Dragon

Majestic. Virtuous. Leadership.
With scales shimmering like pure gold under the sun, the Gold Dragon embodies fairness and equality. Demonstrate courage, kindness, and generosity, inspiring others to follow. Let this noble example guide you to create a world of compassion and unity.

gem Dragon

Empathic. Optimism. Supreme.
The Gem Dragon serves as a reminder to stay positive and radiate kindness. In this interconnected web of life, every interaction matters. Whether noble or goblin, reflect on your actions' impact on everyone. We all succeed when we can shine our brightest.